Online Course of TCC Elaboration

The Online Course of Elaboration of TCC assists the student from beginning to end of the work, all the knowledge acquired with the course, is essential for the conclusion of monographs, scientific article and master’s degree.

Designing a CBT is not an easy task, the content presented must be coherent, with information very well organized and following all the standards defined by the university and the ABNT standards.

Online Course in TCC Elaboration

Most of the time, the difficulties consist in the concentration and the organization of the CBT, since it is an extensive, complex and time-consuming work of the student. It is the last challenge of the student before winning the diploma, for this reason, the supervisors and the members of the examining bank demand that he be impeccable.

How does the course work?

The course works in blocks and each one of them has the function to guide in detail how the student must do each part of the TCC, it approaches from the basic rules to the most advanced techniques, so the student can interpret and put into practice all the secrets revealed by the course, in a gradual way without any type of difficulty.

Who is the author?

The online course for the development of CBT was created by Professor Douglas Tybel, who holds a degree in Systems Analysis and a postgraduate degree in Software Engineering and Teaching in Higher Education.
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Still as a student, he discovered some techniques and rules for doing a good job of completing the course. After years of teaching at universities, he detected several common difficulties among students during the preparation of monographs, scientific articles, among others.

From then on, he came up with the idea of ​​helping and guiding as many students as possible. The teacher provided a unique material on the internet, an e-book that instructs step by step how to do a good CBT, in a short time and without sacrifices.

Available materials

The available materials make up the course in a complete way, in addition to the content presented to the student in each block. It is possible to interact with other trainees through a secret group on Facebook, allowing the exchange of information and tips on CBT.

In addition, the student who purchases the e-book can count on the guidance of the course creator to develop their own CBT. Just send the doubts, or excerpts from the texts, that the teacher corrects and proposes improvements.

Through a channel on Youtube it is also possible to have access to several summary monograph tips to complement all the knowledge acquired with the course. The Monograph Guide is constantly updated to better understand the student on the course completion work.


The course is affordable and can still be parceled out. The view, the complete material costs only $ 97.00, but if you prefer the student has the option to buy the course in 10 installments of $ 11.08. Payment can be made by credit card or bank slip. Check out the course presentation!

Buy the course, follow Professor Douglas’s tips and your reaction when talking about CBT will be this:

The online course for the preparation of TCC is available on Hotmart, click to buy yours! Using this material, the completion of the course completion work will become much easier.

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