Completion of course work

Completion of course work (TCC), or monograph is a scientific paper presented at the end of an undergraduate course (and in some specialization courses) that represents the synthesis of university education. This is a way of evaluating the set of knowledge acquired during the course, a form adopted by most Brazilian higher education institutions.


The course completion work is a research paper, the type of research being varied according to the area of the undergraduate course. Generally guided by a teacher, the student initially outlines a research project, whose theme should be a cut of one of the subjects studied during graduation. On the chosen topic, the teacher indicates readings to the student in order that he / she elaborates a theoretical reference, from a review in the literature, deepening his knowledge on the subject.

From the chosen subject, which should be essentially of his interest, the student must raise a research question or problem, the result of questions and doubts that the student has about the subject. At this stage, the student must elaborate the justification (description, the reason for choosing the subject), and define the objectives (general and specific), through which he intends to respond to his research problem. To do so, it is necessary to opt for an adequate research methodology, an item in which the “how” and “where” the research will be performed, the instruments of data collection and the way the data will be analyzed.

Depending on the area of knowledge to which the work refers and the methodology chosen, the following steps should correspond to the type of research chosen. In the case of literature review research, the work is restricted to the elaboration of the theoretical reference on the subject, being that in this type of research, the student makes inferences, discusses and stands before the problem and the authors used.

In the types of research that require data collection, or even experimentation, after the development and application of the instruments, the next step is the tabulation and presentation of the data. The analysis and discussion of the data (based on the theoretical reference) and the final considerations (or results) are the final stages of the TCC.

As a rule, the student presents CBT to an examining board, composed of teachers (from 3 to 5, including the tutor), who evaluate the written work and the oral synthesis performed by the student.

Generally, the course completion work must be formatted according to ABNT standards.

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